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After all the local and international experience i got through, working with so many people, I decided to start my own business were I can pass all that I've learned during these years to the new generation.
A model by Ayanette doesn't only mean to be a Fashionista, it means that these kids and teenagers have to be a role model for other kids and teenagers around them. To enter my modeling school, you need 3 special things: you have to be a great student, talented and able too perform in public and finally be a beautiful person from outside and also inside.

Next Classes starting September 7th till November 9, 2013 every Saturday @ Salsation Dance Company in salina. It's 1 hour classes for each group.

We have group of: Kids ( age 4 - 8 ) - Preteens ( age 9 - 14 ) Teens ( age 15 - 18 )
We focus every Saturday on one of these 4 topics: Catwalk - Photo shooting - Table manners - Public Speaking.

Kids classes start at 4 pm
Preteens classes start at 5 pm
Teens classes start at 6 pm

Every model will receive a uniform, which is important to wear every Saturday during the classes. At the end the models will receive a model certificate during a fashion show for their parents, family and friends.

The registration fee for the next classes is 35 guilders.
Classes price is based on a monthly fee, payed in advanced, including 6% O.B
Kids monthly fee is 80 guilders
Preteens monthly fee is 95 guilders
Teens monthly fee is 110 guilders

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Registration end August 30, 2013 at 8:00 pm

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